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It looks like the Ares is out of production, or at least no longer sold here in the States. Their web site has been taken down. So you have an orphan. The manual doesn't give much to go on for repairing it.

Did your new "micro controller" look like this:

Or like this:?

If the first - it is more generically called a "Receiver" (although it may do more than just receive signals from your transmitter). I could find no specific instructions on-line about how to "bind" it to your transmitter. Try: Install it in the plane just like the old one was. TAKE OFF THE PROPELLOR for safety! Turn on the transmitter first. Hold down the small black button on the receiver. Apply power to the plane while continuing to hold the button. After several seconds, release the button and unplug the plane. Turn the plane back on, and see if you have any control. Try a couple of times, as it can be difficult to do, before giving up. The manual says the system is compatible with the HITEC brand. You may want to do a search on how to bind a HITEC receiver to a HITEC radio, and see if that works.

If it is the second picture, that is called a "Servo". It just plugs into the receiver shown above. But, it only works one way - the socket on it going across one three row set of pins on the receiver. If the black wire is on the inside, and it does not work, reverse the plug so that it is on the outside. If you are lucky, the receiver has little "+" or "-" symbols (and maybe one other) next to the pins. The black wire of the servo should go to the "-" pin.

Init4fun gave the best advice - get a Horizon Hobby trainer and a club instructor.

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