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Default Hitting the Jackpot of scale models

Hi all,
Brief background first:
I live in RI, and winter in Florida. I have r'c road cars, oval and drag and compete in the Villages while in Florida. I noticed some sailboats while I was there, and thought that might me fun. Once I looked into it, seemed kinda too much like the car racing. Rules and grumpy people. I saw some videos of scale boats, but many seemed to be in Europe. I was looking for a scale boat to build while in Florida and maybe find a local club. Close to retirement and maybe Florida full time, boating could be a good hobby to move towards. I'm a real estate broker and went to list a home in Rhode island. The owner has 3 huge boxes in his office, all scale boats! I asked what you doing with those? he says I bought them many years ago and never opened them. I asked well would you sell them? He says no..just take them. So here is my question to you all. I need help with build videos, electric conversion, parts, everything. One of the kits I see 2 videos on youtube. But, one i cant find a mention anywhere on the net. If this is too much for the thread, I can post each model separate. Anyway here is what I ended up with.
Robbe Paloma model number 1022

Model flight accessories Spear police boat? cant find anything about this.

Polar NR 584 Abs hull workboat 2 vids online of it on the water. But not much out there.

So, plan is buy what I need to build these. Bring to Florida in december and start building.
Thanks guys!