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Default Another ec3 soldering question

I have searched the internet and youtube on how to solder wires to ec3 connectors and have a minor issue and a bigger issue. Btw, I am using 12 gauge silicone wire. One problem I have is that the ec3 plugs I purchased from Amazon have a hole in the side of the connector. No matter how hard I try to avoid it, I get a solder bump on the side. I have to try to smooth the bump down so I can get the connector into the plastic housing. The bigger problem is that when I press the connector into the plastic housing using a screwdriver, I don’t hear that “satisfying” click. I can’t pull the plugs out with moderate pulling , but when I put a little more pressure on pulling the wires, I can pull the plugs out of the housing. I was wondering even if the plugs were somewhat tight, if I could still use the connectors since the female and male metal connectors still have a tight fit. Thanks for your help.