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Originally Posted by Lennie View Post
Hi everyone! I just found this site and I think you might have saved me... I would like some advice and help though.

We bought our son a !QUOT!Sea Lite! - (I know not the best model bu it's OK for an eight year old and he is really pleased). The issue I have is !QUOT!setting the sails!QUOT!. We tried today but not a lot of joy...

I do not know a great deal so here goes...

The Main sail does not appear tight enough, (it catches the wind and !QUOT!billows!QUOT!, even when the sail is !QUOT!boon?!QUOT! is tight to the mast; you can adjust the sail and rudder by RC - (and yes it has a silly little engine but that's not part of the issue here - It's a !QUOT!toy compared to most I know!QUOT!.

Anyway, we moved a few things around and with some advice from a guy sailing his boat, we nearly got there. The issue is the boat still turns to the wind and then !QUOT!stops!QUOT!, forcing you to use the rudder and then stopping any speed... Are there any tips or is it just trial and error in setting the sails and we will learn over time?

The god news is he really enjoyed himself, despite the !QUOT!challenges!QUOT!; the bad news is he rather fancies a motor boat !QUOT!they look easy and fun!QUOT!. I know once the sails are set he'll find this is much much better!

Sounds like the centre of effort of the sail plan is too far back. On most small yachts you get round that by causing the mast to lean further forward. Adjust a bit more length to the backstay, tighten the forestay a corresponding amount. Usually just a very few millimetres at a time. Many yachts have a "vang" or "kicking strap" under the main boom to stop it kicking up when the wind hits the sail. On what is essentially a toy, this has probably not been provided.
If its this one -
Amazon Amazon
- there is a vang in the pictures, its job is to make the sail keep the shape that you intended.

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