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Default RE: Edge 3D set ups

The C/F upgrades offer only a very little in performance improvments. Tom's statement about lightening the wallet more that the plane has a good point. I like the C/F wing tube because it is stiffer more than any other reason.

Though I'm flying the 300S, I had the same problem with wing rocking. Two things have helped a quite bit. One is to get the nose in a very high angle of attack very quickly. another seems to be rudder trim. If it is off just a small amount, the wing rocking becomes quite severe. With or without spoilerons doesn't seem to matter for a flat Harrier, but using them does help on a rolling Harrier.

This part gets scary, so if you don't like the risk, don't go here. Weighting the tail tube a little at a time until you reach the point where the plane has to be hand flown all the time has the biggest effect on the Harrier. But it gets really easy to lose the plane, so I don't recommend it.