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I agree with Mr.Pipercub 100%!!! Don't even think about trying to learn to fly with a Cricket! I gave up on trying to learn to fly heli's for several years after starting with a cricket! I gained more experience in the first month of flying my second heli, a Kyosho Concept 30, than I did in a year of trying to fly the Cricket.

I've talked to several others about their Crickets, including Malorie Zastrow (one of Bergen's sponsored pilots) who I met at the IRCHA Jamboree last week. They all had similar results, so it's not just me. For the money, you can't go wrong with the Hawk Sport. I still have mine and am going to use it to start practicing basic aerobatics to minimize damage to my new Sceadu Evo 50.

Even if you could fly it, which is doubful, there aren't enough spare parts on the planet to keep it flying! It's a total POS. Get yourself a Hawk or a Raptor, probably the 2 best choices for a beginner. Check and see if there are any local hobby shops that carry parts for either, that will influence your decsion. If not, and you have to order what you need, either one would be a good choice.

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