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Default RE: New Hanger 9 p-51 mustang **Trainer?!?**

What's up, just wanted to post about what I saw of this plane. You can check out the link on Horizon's website here. It is expected to retail at $400, which is really, really good considering the Easy 2 was $350 I believe (?). It comes with a JR 421 5-Channel Computer Radio, which is awesome, an Evolution Engines .40-size (which I've read is the easiest-to-start engine ever, designed for noobies with limiters in the needle valve settings and such), but the awesome thing about it is the trainer features. You slide this large, plastic shims over the wingtips which produce extra lift and minimize aileron control movement, and you put these metal panels over the fronts of the wheels to act as speed brakes, thereby slowing the plane down and making it more stable, and with the shims you get a form of self-righting. For aerobatics and more aggressive flying you just take those wing and wheel covers off and you're good to go. The plane is expected to ship in August.

What I'd like to see though is a kit version. I'm pretty set on getting a JR 631 6-Channel Computer Radio (really want that extra channel for potential sonic combat and the dual rates feature) and don't need two computer radios, plus I want to do some amount of building. I hope they release a kit version so we can buy our own radio, get an engine (although I'll still get that Evolution Engines .40, it runs at $80 with prop) and still go flying.

Well anyways, hope that helps to get you drooling. I really want to get into scale fuel-powered flight. I've been flying electrics for about 4 years and want to try something new, and I think that this plane could just be the ticket.