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Default RE: Welcome to Club SAITO !

ORIGINAL: William Robison

[b]The "S" versions usually have hotter cams, more peak power, and worse idle than the older ones.

Saito claims they idle as well as the older ones, that has not been my experience.


How do you reckon this is gonna affect power delivery for a DR-1 (Great Planes). Obviously, this engine won't be spinning at top rpm very much, planning on a prop in the 15-5 to 16-5 range, depending on what rpms I can turn the larger prop. If I can't get more than 9000 with the bigger one, I'll drop down an inch. Not that I want a lot of top end, but I tend to size my props by how much rpm I can get. If this thing doesn't make much midrange, maybe I need to rethink using this engine for the Fokker.