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Default RE: Hangar 9 Twist 3D

IBarnes - Yes, move the weight back, it will help, I had to actually cut a hatch right behind the wing saddle to get my weight back to 4.75, which is now home for my battery, this helped me in the hover greatly, but I think I would like to add a little more weight in the hatch as to make it balance out at around 5 - 5.25 I'm sure that would be great for 3d as suggested by the other pilots. I can do a lot of 3d with the twist at its current balance 4.75 but I really have to work it in the hover,,,,,I'd rather the plane just do it. use the 15% fuel and spare burning out your motor a little earlier...

Hiroman Congrats on the maiden flight, yes try the 14x4 prop you'll love it !!! mine rocks also with it and a 70 Surpass II of course, larger wheels and a landing gear would be most helpful as TimC said, as I swing the 14x4 with the factory landing apparatus and I do get a nice lawn cutting in as well as the flight, over the winter I too will lengthen the landing gear and wheels.