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Default RE: Hangar 9 Twist 3D

Hiroman you may need flight clearance from NASA if you strap that 91 on there.[>:] Yeee haaaaa, That I would like to see, I am going to be buying a 1.20 This winter for my mig 27 and I might just strap that on the Twist for fun,, if your 91 doesn't rip the skin off her,[X(]

This weekend was Awesome for NY Flying, we had a great Saturday, we flew for at least 5 straight hours,,, A couple of flights I tried not to even fly any straight lines at all,, I took off snap rolling Vertical with the Twist straight into the Sky, then yarned the Ailerons to max spin control and never let it go until I needed to land on the Wheels, It was the most controlled,, uncontrolled looking flight I ever had, The Twist lived up to its name, it was all over the sky,,,, looked great and I gave most spectators heart attacks with the maneuvers this plane had done, thought it was going into the ground at full speed many times, it never looked in control ever... sometimes I wondered when the wing was going to snap off the fuse from so much torque,, But I was in complete control the whole time,,, what a plane !!!!!

Then of course the 3D stuff was awesome as well, had the waterfall going for the 1st time and now I'm working on the torque roll, the hover was getting pretty good this week coming close to a full minute, so I think I can get the T roll incorporated now, My next feat will be the Deathspin into the inverted flatspin flip it back over in the flat spin and land flat spinning.... I think I'm going to need to invest in some Glue & Balsa trying to get that last one in

The best $99.00 I have ever spent for sure...