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Default RE: tower hobbies

I think that Royalty law is BS, I mean come on there models not real aircraft. Its not like were building these planes to fight in wars or hall cargo or passengers. Will anyone that decides to creat a model from blue prints of an actual plane have to pay a royalty, or if he or she makes a model that flys well and decides to sell the plans have to pay. The whole thing make he sick. As if the origonal designer didn't make enough money with the goverment contracts on the planes.

As for your cowl. Id check with other retailers for a cowl. I have the Extra 300s from Hobbico and all of sudden last year the discontinued it. Once the parts are gone there gone. I ordered a canopy and one of the last cowls for my Extra, but I cant get wings for it any where. I would be suprised if they discontinue your plane as well.