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Dale Campbell
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Default RE: Nitroplanes Seawind

I purchased the Nitro-Planes Cessna 337. It is very well built and flies even better. The instructions are not very good, because they are not written by a person with a handle on English. I have built many planes and could read between the lines on what they where trying to tell me. That kit did not have rudders, so I made my own and they work fine. They keep calling the vertical stab the rudder which it is not. They have wing struts in the kit and put mounting blocks in tail booms and fuselage, but never gave any instructions to install them. I just used my head and installed them. I own a full scale 337 which was a big help as to where things belonged. On the Great Planes Seawinds, I have had many problems I had to work out to get it to fly off water. The plane would dip a wing on take off, and spin around very fast and kill engine. It also would bounce many times trying to get airbourne. It also has cracks in tail where vertical stab meets fuselage. I am going to buy the Nitro-Planes Seawinds next mouth, because I like seaplanes. I have a cottage at a lake in Penn. and have enjoyed the seaplanes for years. Good luck on your Seawind. Dale Campbell