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Default RE: Junk Room Desk - Current State... Pics now...

that the thing with the plastic shafts, mate - they save a bit of wear down the line in the drivetrain due to their flexiness. but once in a while the tyre grips hard or whatever and u get a twisted shaft. it still works, but its not right, and for peanuts, u can have a pair off ebay. cool for the price eh? [8D]

gotta say tho - i want to try out ofnas hyper 7 hubs and shafts on a mt, as they look identical to a swift setup as rolland fitted to his truck. it would give me some much needed space to soften the front end up. its too stiff depite real soft springs and fluid, due to the angle of my shocks... more space for the shafts and shocks on full lock would give me some more options.

anyone able to try the ofna shafts and hubs? or shall i be the test dummy again? swift parts are a little hard to come by, and if the ofnas fit, then we are laughing.