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Default RE: Junk Room Desk - Current State... Pics now...

will do, cheers.

still gonna be a little while before its sorted and running again - too much on at the mo im afraid. still, im tinkering whenever i get the chance.

i was hoping to use an ARO chassis for a .30 centre diff setup, but i dont think poor Tony realised just what he was in for with a newborn - poor lad. give him a decade or so and he may be able to find the time and money to continue - kids, whod have em...?

meanwhile... ofna spider diff, mounts, linkages and brakes are here now, still no 2 speed tranny bits from customrccars tho. struggling for space on the chassis layout too. going to have to go back to a single tank, i have room for something larger than what i have, so will have to go looking around for something suitable if im going to stick with a centre diff in this one that is. im leaving my options open at the moment tho - if the 2 speed bits where here, i would have built it back up... nevermind, im sure theyre on the way.

wont let me upload pics again, so had to [img][/img] link to it im afraid.