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Default RE: Customrccars.com

Oh dear.

Ok, I can say more if you want to keep this going.

My first order from you had taken just short of 2 weeks, so I contacted you to find out what was happening. Only after I contacted you did I find out that the "Package had been damaged in transit and returned to customrccars" and only after my email did you send another package out.

Would have been nice if you had contacted me about that, as you had my money. I chose to let that go and not "bad mouth" you then. After the 2nd and last order I placed ran its expensive course due to your actions in regard to marking the packaging, I felt it only right to warn people of the potential costs of ordering internationally from yourselves.

Bad mouthing? More like a bit of consideration and respect for fellow RCers. Try it.

Is this where the admins jump in?