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Default In flight CA hinge failure...

So, up until now I've sworn by CA hinges. Never had a problem, until yesterday. Granted the conditions where not the best with up to 20-25 mph gusting cross wind, but I've never expected this. Take a look at the pictures. This happened mid-air. The hinges look like someone took a #11 exacto knife and cut them off. Luckily I managed to land safely on the runway (not a pretty landing in the cross wind without a rudder)

What would have caused this?? Now I'm worried about the other hinges. I have already repaired the rudder by using Robart hinge points, but it would be a pain to do that to the rest of the plane.

The hinges were installed per instructions using a GP hinge electric hinge tool to cut the slots and I did drill a hole in the middle.


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