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Default RE: In flight CA hinge failure...

That's why I always fly with pinned hinges - never had a failure with them. Klett, DuBro, etc. I like the hinge points, and if installed properly never seen one fail. I seen a couple of planes have flutter with hinge points and they held tight (flutter was caused by to much slop in the linkage and excessive speed in a dive on one plane).

I lost an Astro Hog last year after it went into elevator flutter - one of the CA hinges looked like it failed causing the flutter and blowing one half of the stab off. The other side had a ripped CA hinge also. (I didn't build this hog - it was from an estate sale, that's why it had CA hinges) I'll only use a CA hinge for a slow flying plane like a park flyer or glider that won't get into the speed range to create flutter.