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Default RE: In flight CA hinge failure...


You said you cut the slots with a Slot Machine - That's good

You said you drilled a wicking hole - also good...

The question that comes to my mind is: Did you have the rudder flexed MORE THAN IT WOULD TRAVEL IN FLIGHT before adding the CA?

I find that this type of failure is almost always caused by this. You can't just flex the surface a little (either in hopes of keeping a small gap or any other reason), it MUST be flexed farther than the servo will move it or this type of failure is almost sure to happen.
At this point I don't know if I did flex it appropriately. This certainly is a possible reason for the failure. Due to the strong cross wind, I had the rudder on high rates while taxing on the runway and several times I had to give full rudder to turn the darn thing around.

I certainly will remember to check for this in the future