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Default RE: In flight CA hinge failure...

I almost always use flat "pinned" hinges instead of CA ones, but it's mostly because.... awwww, forget this long winded spin off..... back to the topic:

I do use CA hinges sometimes, and have started flexing them before using them. I flex in both directions to see which way, if any, they bend easier. And I've run into a couple that seemed odd feeling and trashed them. And seen a couple that had ragged edges, although the "ragged" wasn't along the edges that'd be flexing.

When I started out checking them, I thought that they all seemed pretty stiff to be good hinges. I was "brought up" in modeling to understand that any binding or resistance was detrimental. That's not nearly a problem today in RC. But I recently started assembling a SkyBolt and was taken by the obviously greater quality of the hinges in that ARF. They were obviously better than all that I'd seen before.

So it's clear that there is a fairly wide range of quality in CA hinges.

I guess we're just going to have to develop some experience with them that includes learning to spot the ones that are going to fail. Now, if we just knew what to look for.