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Default RE: In flight CA hinge failure...


I have found that for me, it's as quick to use Dubro flat pinned hinges as it is to use CA hinges. I use hinge glue and it's dead easy and quick. And I've yet to assemble a pre-sliced ARF that didn't have a couple of skewed slices or slices that were above or below the hinge line and was going to need correction.

I discovered through autopsies, that CA hinges that're simply slipped into the slices through Monokote don't always wick CA into them. And drilling the wicking holes takes time that isn't needed with flats and hinge glue, so that balances out. So if I do use CA hinges, I spend time slicing away covering, and drilling wicking holes. If I use flats, I spend less time with a piece of hacksaw opening the slits. And can easily correct skewed slices or off line slices, and the covering "closures" are actually a positive. The glue gets into the slots because it's mechanically put there and the covering closing back simply helps fuelproof the area.

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