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Default RE: Junk Room Desk - Current State... Pics now...

Just got in from a little session.

4 Savages and a Mammoth for company. Wiped the floor with the Savages, performance wise, even while I was trying to sort the mixture, nevermind once it was somewhere near! But jesus, does that Mammoth go, stop and corner! Still, I had it licked til my brake linkage fell off! Ooops. I still cant find second gear, but Im not too worried. Run in is about done, its just a little finicky about the tuning at the mo, could really do with a beach session to sort that out. Its a little sluggish from the off, I think the low speed needs leaning a touch, but the top end wont take it yet if I do. That or Im a mile out on my tuning... Ive nearly convinced all the lads that a beach session wont hurt their trucks, but in the meantime, we are off to a quarry tomorrow... those of you making offers for my chassis might want to hold on a bit...

No. No vids... I spent most of my time getting mine tuned and finding the damn brake linkage. Once I was sorted, all but one of the Savages was broken, and the Mammoth had gone skyward and didnt come down for ten minutes or so. Got some pics of our "Team Idiot" cars tho. Cant believe how well "Stunt Steve" or "Suicide Steve" coped with it all! Will get more tomorrow now mines running a lot better.

Just had a look at it while the pics up loaded, lots of wear on the 2nd gear pinion, looks like its engaging 2nd straight away, and why its a little sluggish on take off. Ill have a poke around in there.

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