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Default RE: Servo maintenance

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You should not need to take the cover off of your servos....they either work or they dont work. Once again you will always find some "techy" wanna be who will tell you how to do it. Servos are cheap enough to where if ya need one ya can go buy one. If you cant afford one, you shouldnt be in the hobby. You are asking for trouble by popping the screws off of a servo.
Techy wannabe??? please... Kevlar asked. I explained it.
First of all, with my foamies, I have broken gears frequently. It takes me 10 minutes to rebuild one and only costs $3.00 in parts. Thats a lot less than $15.00 for a new servo.
On my helis, the digital servos cost $50.00-$120.00. You must be indepedently wealthy if you just throw them away.
After any crash with my helis, I disassemble the servos because their may be hidden damage. That could cause a loss of control wich could cost me a heck of a lot of money, hurt or even kill someone. So, am I a techie? Yes...and proud of it. You think you are asking for trouble by taking a servo apart, that says something about your skills.