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Default RE: Servo maintenance

If you have alot of $ invested in your machine....why would you take the risk of crashng or even worse risk personal injury to not only yourself but others as well? repair a suspected servo that might or might not have contributed to your heli's demise, and then....(heres the clincher)....stick it right back in your machine after your $ 3 repair....Especially in a heli, for which I too have flown for many years. Just simply retire it for the time being until such time it can be safely tested.Not the extreme to which you have alluded and toss it. It is not my skills as a servo repairman that guide me in this hobby but wisdom.
Ever heard of wisdom? Here ya go: Wisdom is defined as one's use of one's intelligence, creativity, and knowledge for a common good, as guided by values, through a balance among one's own, other people's, and higher interests (such as saftey at flying fields). This includes ones around you of which you seem to be blind to.You made my case.......Go ahead and repair your servos in your thousand dollar heli's, you contradict yourself....slow down and read