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Default RE: Servo maintenance

ORIGINAL: gbrandt1

to repair a suspected servo that might or might not have contributed to your heli's demise, and then....(heres the clincher)....stick it right back in your machine after your $ 3 repair.

It is not my skills as a servo repairman that guide me in this hobby but wisdom.
Ever heard of wisdom? Here ya go: Wisdom is defined as one's use of one's intelligence, creativity, and knowledge for a common good, as guided by values, through a balance among one's own, other people's, and higher interests (such as saftey at flying fields). This includes ones around you of which you seem to be blind to.You made my case.......Go ahead and repair your servos in your thousand dollar heli's, you contradict yourself....slow down and read
Gary, don't take things so personally. I'm sorry if you feel like we slapped you around a bit. We are all friends here.
Think about what you are posting before just blurting out a short sighted answer and it probably won't happen again.

I never said that a bad servo may have contributed to a crash with my helis. The reason I take them apart is to inspect them for damage that may have happened during a crash. As a matter of fact, I haven't crashed an aircraft becuase of a mechanical failure since the mid 1980's. I am extremely safty consciensious. I would never fly a plane or heli that I thought was dangerous for me to fly. I certainly wouldn't endanger my fellow pilots at the club.

So, where have I contradicted myself? did I say that I can repair a digital servo for $3.00? BTW, it's not a thousand dollar helicopter.
It is several helicopters, each costing at least two thousand dollars.

Here is some wisdom for you:

My profile:

Airplane Experience - 30 years building
- 30 years operating
- Expert pilot
Heli Experience - 9 years building
- 8 years operating
- Advanced pilot

Your Profile:

Airplane Experience - 2 years building
- 15 years operating
- Expert pilot
Heli Experience - 2 years building
- 4 years operating
- Advanced pilot

My point is that experience is the best teacher. Slow down and take your own advice....
See you in the forums!