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Default H9 1/4 cap 232-gas tank installation????

Hi Guys,

I need some help on gas tank installation on my h9 cap 232. The tank fits tight, did you protect it from vibration? Also the tubing is very close to the firewall, any suggestions?

I put a Saito 180 in mine. The tank is well below the carb needle valve. Will this be a problem or does the engine have enough sucking power?

Initially I put a fueler in the cowling, but could seem to prime the engine any hints???

Right now I have three lines coming from the tank. One to the engine, one to the muffler, and one hanging out of the bottom of the cowl with a screw in it. The last one (out of the cowl) is for fueling. Is this the correct way to do it? How do I empty the tank without putting another clunk in the tank (at this point, it is just a piece of brass tubing through the cap).

Thanks for the help with all these questions.

BTW, I love this site, much faster and easier than RCO.