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My issue isn't that it's being done. That's fine and dandy. I have issues with it being posted as such a cool thing to do. Here we have one local club and one club for only the college kids at the university. Three flying sites in all. What happens when one irresponsible college kid that thinks the video he linked from the forums is really cool looking, takes less precaution than you have, and launches a rocket on university property into university property or even worse near a person? The college would shut down their flying field immediatly followed by the city seeing it posted in the newspaper shutting down the local flying field as well. Through no fault of your own an entire group of people then have nowhere to fly.
And the then there would be the end of ALL CIVILIZATION!!! Are you kidding me? Talk about over reaction. What is someone WASN'T flying IMAC and they did a barrel roll, lost control, and the plane crashed. Would that be reckless and end the whole flying thing? Do you drive with your hands at 10 and 2 or do you risk it a bit and maybe drive with only one? I'm only asking, cause I'm not entirely sure that you leave the house for fears that something may happen and they shut down the flying field.
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