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I'm not sure if those rims will fit the hubs... make sure the hex is the same!.. the stampede/rustler rims will fit with no problem... If you want to run paddles on the rears, disable the front driveshafts or you will have problems with steering and probably break the diff cups in front... the mashers will work on the st2 because of the gearing for the smaller original tires, but not tall enough for the MT2... If you do a search of the threads, there is a mod to convert to t-maxx hubs and axles... If you are not mechanically inclined... this may be above some peoples abilities.... I did it on mine with great results... I now run t-maxx 40 series bow ties and street slicks... the biggest problem with the cen mt2 and st2 is that cen ran a smaller hex and shaft.. I think 12mm when all the larger ones ran 14-17mm, you can't just bolt on any wheel and expect it to work... another problem with the larger tires and wheels is the added stress on the drivetrain, unless you modify the axles and diffs...