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As mentioned above, OS #8 works very well in the UK climate and lasts too. I have had the current one in there for 6 months +.

One tip though, DON'T EVER TRY MODEL TECHNIC's FUELS!!!!!!!

I first used Model Techincs when I first got my truck as that all my local shop, (in Essex), had at the time. I put 2 gallons in all through my truck, I could never get it tuned properly, the best I could get it to run was at a stupidly high temperature, (way way over the recommended), I broke a crank shaft, then a con rod, and got through glow plugs like there was no tomorrow, trying every type. It would start after 15 mins or after my brother had finished messing about and wanted to go home. [][] I got through 3 pull start mechs, and even killed a Rotostart. When it did get running I only had a minute or so until it over heated.

Basically it was a horrible time and I almost flogged the truck.

When I ran out of the Technic stuff, my local shop also was out so I though, oh well, this will be the last attempt, and bought Tornado.

WOW!!!! First time, and flew, when I checked the temp it was running really cold, so leaned it out and is slaughtered my bros tuned up Savage!!! [8D]

Basically the Technics crud doesn't have enough oil and so it'll run real hot 'til it breaks.

Since then I have never looked back and I love my truck . I starts on the 1st or 2nd pull and will run until out of fuel or I stop it.
I also tried Blue Thunder and that too is great.

Basically I am NO fan of Model Technics!!!

Happy Trucking.

PS, Its great to hear from someone else in the UK!!!!