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Default RE: C/L scale handle

If you can use the capabilities of a computer radio for a mulit engined CL model, they can do some things for multi's that are really worth considering.

Mixing allows you to tune each engine separately to run their best and most reliable settings. And they can then be synced with one mix. And with better radios, their throttle response can be tuned all the way from idle to max to match the two engines perfectly. This often turns a marginallly safe mulit into an absolutely reliable one.

And you can also use the radio to vary the inboard to outboard to do special things. For example if you mix the two throttles with the rudder as master, the RC airplane can taxi with the engines providing the turning force. Obviously, a CL handle connected to the pitch controls isn't going to be able to perform that taxi trick, but think about what that engine balance can do for us.