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Default programming flaps on a 9C w/dual elev. servos

What you want to do can be accomplished with the 9C. It is explained on Futaba's help pages. Plug the right aileron into channel 1 of the receiver. Plug the left aileron into channel 6 or 7 of the receiver (either one works). Plug the right elevator into channel 2 of the receiver. Plug the left elevator into an unused channel such as channel 8 (or even channel 5 which is some times used for landing gear). Use a program mix to set channel 8 (or 5) as a permanent mixed slave to channel 2. When doing this be sure to activate the "link" and "trim" options of that program mix. You may have to reverse channel 8 (or 5) in order to get both elevator halves to behave in the same direction (you'll see what I mean when you do it). Once done channel 8 (or 5) will always do whatever channel 2 does. Now activate flaperons and set them to whatever switch and percentage deflection you want. I like to use the left slide switch for this so I can either raise or lower both ailerons in a variable fashion. The 9c will beep at you when the slide switch is moved to neutral indicating your ailerons are back to neutral (this audible is handy while flying). I also use another program mix to cause the ailerons to act as either flaps or spoilers as a slave to any elevator movement by linking them together. I set this mixing to a triple rate switch so there is no mixing when the switch is in the middle position, so the ailerons raise (like spoilers) with up elevator when the switch is in the up position and so the ailerons lower (like flaps) with up elevator when the switch is in the down position. These various combinations help with tight loops, elevators, harriers, etc. depending on where your switches are and what you want to do. Always remember where your mixes are set while flying so you don't get an unintended result! Good luck...