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Default RE: AMPS hulls & outboards pics& tips

If I was going to try to run one of these amps outboards today I would use one with a K&B powerhead because they just have standard K&B outboard powerheads with a AMPS hex drive PTO.
The last one of mine I was running was a Bud Light Seebold tunnel that had a .67 K&B powerhead.

Sure, the o.s. powerheads run smoother but when you break parts you have these problem of trying to figure out what the heck parts are in there and then finding them .

If you run an amps be sure you don't break a gear in the lower unit, you will really have problems finding that.

These are great old ouboard motors with a scale look that just can't be beat in appearance but they are a little bit heavy. Really , today, they are best just to keep on the shelf and look at.

These motors will break gears quite easily if you strike something with the prop and there are no spares to be had, it is not real easy to replace them either. The only way it would be practical to run these again is if someone started making replacement gears .