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Default RE: CA Widebody 60 Tank Support

When I built my WB60, I put the tank back over the CG by cutting throught he cockpit floor and mounting it over the wing. I painted the canopy silver (inside) to hide it. Never have understood a clear canopy on a pattern plane anyway...

I also remember being quite perturbed that the motor mount C/L was not marked on the firewall. I made a flat balsa piece representingt the drive washer, lug spacing, and prop shaft using the dimensions of the motor (YS110) and attached it to the motor mount. I stood the plane on its rudder post, placed the mount with the motor representation attached, then slid the cowl on and taped it in place where it looked correct. Then I moved the mount around until I knew the prop shaft would be in the center of the cowl opening. I removed the cowl and mark the motor mount location on the firewall.