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Default RE: Charging NiMH batteries

Since this is a battery that you do not know the history of (it may be old or abused) the first thing you should do it charge it for 16 hours at 0.1C and then do a discharge test by discharging at 0.2 to 0.25C down to 0.9 volts/cell and measure the capacity. If it is about 80% of the stated capacity, it is probably safe to use; i.e. won't cause your system to fail. Also, on NiMh is not recommended to do a trickle charge as that will shorten the lifespan of NiMh. Contrary to much of the comments here in the forums, NiCad batteries still rule over NiMh in all respects except mass per unit of energy. If you can stand the slightly increased weight, you will get twice the life and more immunity from minor abuse such as overcharge and trickle charging by using NiCad versus NiMh.