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Default RE: GAS/GLOW HOW TO....


1. How do I make my own glow plug adapter?

I have gutted spark plugs, bored out the i.d. and then brazed the end of the plug closed. I then drilled and tapped the brass for the glow plug, which should be even with the bottom of the plug for best results. The brass also needs spotfaced inside for the gasket surface of the glow plug. The shell of the plug gets very thin, and it is a pretty involved process for a part that can be bought for only 10 bucks. Note that it also requires a special 1/4 x 32 tap to make one.

2. I can't find the glow fuel. Can I use another?

Basically no. A glow fuel with more oil disrupts the overall percentages of methanol and nitro in the mixture, and also ends up with too much oil which could cause carbon build up in the engine. If you can't find the glow fuel, find a source of methanol and mix it one to one with 20/20 glow fuel. This ends up even cheaper in the long run actually.

3. My engine misfires, what's wrong?

The Gas/Glow engines have a slightly different sound to them when too rich. Misfiring is often a too rich mixture, but also can indicate a bad glow plug.

4. My engine is hard to start, is this because of the Gas/Glow setup?

No. Gas/Glow engines start even easier and idle slower reliably than their conventional gasoline/spark ignition counterparts. If everything is set up and tuned properly, hard starting is then probably due to a worn engine.

5. My engine starts backwards, what do I do?

The Gas/Glow engines will start backwards sometimes. If you slap at the prop to start the engine, they will often kick and start backwards. The cure usually is to develop a good follow through stroke on the start, or use an electric starter. If the engine is well tuned, and you know it well as to what it likes in the way of choking, throttle position, etc. to start, you can also try the "back flip against compression" method of hand starting.

6. Can't I use a different glow plug?

Yes and no. Some of our members have used different glow plugs with varying degrees of success. I highly recommend that you get the setup running properly with the OS Four Stroke plug, and then experiment with other plugs. We have had members report all kinds of strange tuning problems, that all disappeared when they installed the proper glow plug.

7. Will this work on all engines?

While we have obviously not tried the system on every engine made, we have yet to find an engine that wouldn't work with the system. We have the system in use on everything from specially modified Super Tiger .90 engines to engines with over 50cc.

8. Do I HAVE to run it dry and use an after run oil?

I highly recommend it. Just like a glow engine, your engine will have methanol and nitro in it. The methanol draws moisture from the air, and nitro when combined with water and combustion by products can create nitric acid. I don't want any of that left in my engines over night, and therefore run the engine completely dry and use auto trans fluid for after run treatment.

9. Should I run an onboard glow system?

It is not necessary, but one could do so for added reliability and convenience if desired. The engines usually idle slower and more reliably on Gas/Glow than they do normally. Sometimes it is hard to kill them with low throttle, because they just sit there "ticking away" so slowly that you can almost count the prop blades going 'round.

10. I have my engine tuned absolutely perfectly, and it ran on the test stand to my satisfaction. But when I go to fly it, it hesitates, or stumbles, or in general doesn't seem to be in tune. What is wrong with it?

Probably nothing. Gasoline engines have a lot of thermal mass, and take a while to warm up. This is even more true with Gas/Glow engines due to the cooling effect of the methanol in the fuel blend. While you were tuning and playing with your engine setting it up, it (hopefully) fully warmed up. But when you go to the field, fire the engine up, then go to fly, it hasn't had a chance to warm up. I give mine at least a two minute warmup at part throttle and then a full throttle blast for a bit before I fly the first time of the day. (Two minutes can feel like a long time standing there waiting; best to check your watch or you'll probably underestimate the time.)

11. I can't get the grin off my face from seeing the shocked look on all my friends faces about this engine, what do I do?

Enjoy it!! Grins can sometimes be hard to come by these days.....