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AV8TOR, You helped me a lot with my B&S 40cc, 4-stroke conversion. Most of the things that were done are the same as for the 2-stroke however I am using 30% nitro for cars because I don't need or want a lot of oil in the fuel mix. This is due to the Briggs having a wet sump oil system. The thing people have to be aware of is the carb diaphragm. Some will distort because of the nitro and this is true for your 2-stroke conversion also. I am also using a external pulse line and you told me about putting a spring in the pump which on this engine made a big difference. I am not an expert like you so I do not feel qualified to offer a comprehensive list of conversion instructions but for anyone who is interested in my 4-stroke conversion to gas/glow they can do a search on Briggs & Stratton 4-stroke recipe for success. Thanks again for your help and passion for the hobby.