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ORIGINAL: buck1856

Sure,theres a person here in this forum that put one on a 25cc homelite i believe.Captn,was it you maybe that has one on somthing.Maybe he will jump in or know the person im talking about.
Yes it was I who used a Glow carb off a .90 Supertiger. A carb off a .60 or .75 should work also. The reason I tried one is because at the time I had many on hand and not many good Walbbro carbs. I agree with AV8tor, a Walbro carburator is best in most installs. There are some things I do like about the Tiger carbs though. They can be adjusted for mid range and seem to me to adjust quite easy. Then again I have been using them for 30 years!!! I think if a 2 0z head tank was used very close to carb in conjunction with a main tank the glow carb would work better yet. Pressure from exhaust would need to be used to shove fuel from main tank to 2 oz hopper tank close to engine carb. I will do more testing on that later, when I get back from Marquette. Best Regards Capt,n