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Absolutely true, of course, and I've several Transmitters to choose from if I go this route. I was hoping for a more elegant solution, something self contained within the UC Handle, or at worst remoting a Slide Switch or Throttle Trigger to the UC Handle with a simple Transmitter at my belt, with true "wireless" transmission to the onboard receiver / servo set up. Running sparks down the UC wires doesn't excite me at all.

I think my first attempt will be to butcher a two channel "Car" transmitter to see if I can install the important bits into one of my J.Roberts Handles. I don't like the 3-line set up overly much (which is what got me to thinking about an RC Throttle control), but the Handle itself has a bit of room and perhaps I can imbed the electronics into the handle, and at worst remote the transmitter batteries.

I've got the "Car" Transmitter and J.Roberts handle pinned to my work bench, sedated, awaiting the knife...