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Default Millennium rc ssx-trainer with pics personal review

Hello everyone,

Here is the story,
I wanted to get my wife more involved in flying so I asked my dad if he was doing anything with his Midwest Giles 202. He said no so I asked if I could have it. I figured it would be the perfect trainer for my wife. I know i know its not a trainer, but the airplane is so easy to fly. So we sent of the enya 1.20 to have it cleaned/and gone through. after getting it back. a month or so passed and it was time to put it in the 202. Well guess what. My father nor I could find it anywhere, and still cant. How you misplace an engine I will never know, but to this day we still can not find it. ( its been 18 months almost) Well after getting "the Look" from my wife every time i went to the field I told my dad that we had to get Rox in the air ( my wife ) well today I put the first flight on her Millennium rc ssx trainer. My father had got it for her about 9 months ago. Now you ask why would I wait 9 months to get it in the air. Well I wanted my wife to be there for its maiden, after all it is her bird. Here is how the maiden went.

It was a total success. Other than the fact that right after take off it appeared as i was hitting some pretty big gust of wind, or that it was out of trim. So i made my circuit and landed. Let me tell you the airplane lands so sweet. I came in a little fast ( as it has been a very long time sense I have flown a trainer style airplane) But its was no problem with the Millennium RC landing gear ( X-gear). after landing a little long I figured that I would have to walk out and get it being that I do not have a tail wheel, but no with a little power and using Hi rates on the rudder I was able to taxi back. ( you have to be careful though) Ill get to that a little later as I will to a full Sgt. Shaggy review

After taxing back I check the flight controls everything seemed to be center so it was back to the air. The wind I could not feel across the football runway but the ssx-T could feel it in the air. By this time several children had showed up asking if they could try, asking how much it cost and such. So making sure they were behind me I made the decision to land this time I came in Hot again, let it go long as I bleed the airspeed back to a crawl for a perfect extra long landing.

Now for my review.

Construction = A+ The millennium SSX-T is very well built. Quality is top notch

Covering = A+ I can honestly say that I have never purchased a Already Covered airplane that has the quality of the SSX, the SSX-T or the Micro SSX biplane as we have all three. You will see for you self in the pictures. ( SSX-T pictured )

Landing gear = A+ The X-gear are very nice, no they are perfect. Very sturdy and well built. As i stated above my first landing was very fast and on a football field. I was expecting a bounce or two but no a perfectly smooth landing with a smooth roll out even though the field had its rough spots. Taxing was a breeze even with out the tail wheel.
with a little power and using hi rates on the rudder I was able to taxi around where ever I wanted to go. Now word of advice to the new pilot or some one who is not familiar with a taildrager , you do not want to much power because the tail will come off the ground and you risk flipping it on its back. If you are an experienced R/Cer have fun with it. You can bring the tail off the ground and cruise back to the pit.

Take off = A+ Just add the power and give a little up elevator and she will ease of the ground. Take off is QUICK though so be ready to back off the power if you are in a smaller park.

Landing =A+ be it a fast or a really slow ( at the point of were you think you could stall) don't worry i could not get it to stall on the approach and I had her SLOW

Flight = A+ slow flight was great and handled very well. As it was its maiden and a little windy I did not try any loops or rolls, but almost had a hover.... is it supposed to ? i don't know but it looked like if it wasn't windy I would have been hanging on the prop. You can fly this in a small area as it turns very well. Recommend Low rates for elevator unless you are very easy on the sticks.
Wind 5+ MPH = C as this is a park flier and very light it does not do to well in the wind ( SSX-Trainer version ) as a trainer you should not be flying it in the wind anyway.
If you are a experienced R/C'er you will have no problem if you are at a large park.

if you have any questions about the airplane feel free to PM me. Oh and the month wait for the maiden well thats because our little bundle of joy Jullian was waiting to join our family.

Tomorrow as long as the wind is low We will be taking the SSX-T, The SSX and the Micro SSX biplane to the park.
Here are the pics

The SSX-T look at the covering job... Just an FYI the color scheme was a custom job that we paid extra for it is not an option through millennium RC. Now this is not to say they would not do a custom scheme, but note that we did pay a bit EXTRA for it as it is my wifes first airplane and we wanted it to be special.

My wife holding the SSX-T Custom and our little bundle of joy.
I hope this was helpful.
again any questions please PM me.
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