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A G26 with EI is $375.00 and it sucks quite abit of battery juice. Alot of people replace the ignition for around a $100. Give or take a twenty or so. That's right around $475. The standard G26 with a mag is $325. With an aftermarket ignition, your at $425. Your price of $430 is not out of line at all. Sure you can get a DL55 for the same price, but like others have said, the 55 is too large for the planes the 30 will fit in. Not everyone wants a 50cc plane. I have a Goldberg Ultimate with the SV26 and it's a perfect match. Maybe after you get going, I'll try your engine out on something similar or maybe even swap it out on the Ulti for a direct comparison.

I can't believe some of the whining going on here. All I ever hear is "Buy American."  Here we have a guy actually building American, so that we can buy American, and we complain about it. I'll be the first to admit, I like a good deal, but I'm willing to shell out a few extra clams for quality, reliability, performance, and service. May the Good Lord bless you in your business endeavor.