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Default Yellow Aircraft P-40 build

Ive taken the steps to start my 1st giant scale warbird build. Im ordering Yellow Aircraft P-40 and all accessories as a package deal and awaiting them to give me a price shipped.

Im very much excited about my 1st venture into building and scale detailing. Ive read 77Chickenhawk's build thread a few times as well as a few on 'groups and RCSCALEBUILDER. I have built and glassed a number of gas-powered wooden race boats so Im hoping my boat building skills will transfer over. What I dont know I banking on finding the answer in the forums.

Few questions off the bat...
I plan on using the Keleo exhaust which limits my engines to
3W 50
3W 75
DA 50
ZDZ 80

Which one is the middle of the road between weight and power? I want the lightest engine possible w/o being underpowered. Ive heard good things about the DA-50R, does it have the same exhaust location as the DA-50?
Are the YA retracts and tailwheel retract a good bet?

Wish me luck!