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Default RE: Tower Hobbies Uproar 40 build

Had a blast at the fly-in on Saturday. Most importantly we brought all our junk home in one piece. In fact nobody tore their stuff up and there was a ton of flying done.

Yesterday the “real world” chores caught up with me. None the less I managed to get an hour or so in on cutting pieces for the tail group of the three planes. Not enough done to add any pictures though.

- I absolutely love the picture of the low inverted runway pass[sm=thumbs_up.gif]. Plane looks good too.

- They’re quick building planes and your rockin’-on[8D]. But even if I could build one of these in ten hours (I’m slow at it) I have to make ten hours available to sit in front of it. Usually that is my problem[]. Anyway keep posting pictures. You’ll be done before I get out of the gate.

- You are so right on your description of “Fun Fly Machines”. The quick build and short lived stuff…..But, I like to call them “Expendable” airplanes versus “Born to Die”.

You know- - - Born to Die sounds better though. . .