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Default RE: Tower Hobbies Uproar 40 build


Lookin good there!

Anyways, i finished up my fuselage and covered it with WHITE MONOKOTE (all these people seem to be whining about it), granted its a square and super easy to cover but still.

Finished up the wing aswell, except for the cap strips, which brings me to a building tip for anyone looking to build one of these. In the manual they tell you to finish all the capping before installing the wing, if you do this it will be a pain in the ***** to slide the wing through the fuse without breaking all the capping. Just do the centers, install the wing, then go back and do the cap strips, WAY easier.
Are you going to use it for the open bay wing too or just the solid fuse??
PR, if you get the tail feathers to flex you have other problems. Your gear can be located to get the CG, I asemble my planes while in the bones but only soft mount my gear to find my CG before I hard mount anything. After the first one I built I never used the wire to make the elevator one piece again, I used a Y and two piece elevators. This way I was able to do a fine tune or allow for a warp if I got one. I have also used two HS 81 servos for the elevator halfs and mounted them aft and close to the elevators so I had short control arms. That also gave some of that aft weight you are looking for.