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Default Problem with PST600

Up until now I have no problems with my PST600 engine using the original Orbit ECU. On start up the other day, it ramped up fine until about 65K, then rapidly accelerated to about 145K and appeared to be hunting for a stable speed with RPM varying between 134-145K and the display unit still showing that it was being calibrated. It was obvious that I was not going to get control of the engine, so I shut it down. I inspected all wiring and went back and checked all the programmable parameters, and then tried again. Same thing happened for another 3 runs. I scratched my head and decided to remove the engine from the model, from where I discovered that one of the Hall Effect RPM sensors was all black, while the opposite one was all clear. Sort of like a small LED Christmas tree light bulb. Please, I need some help with a few questions!
1/ Should they both be clear? ie- black means burnt out.
2/ Is it something that I could buy from a good electronics store.
3/ Would PST Jets sell them as a spare part, and how much?
Do you think that I have found the problem, or could something else on this engine cause it to not calibrate and appear to be chasing RPM, especially in the higher RPMs?
I look forward to your responses and appreciate the help that I have gained from here in the past.