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Default RE: Hetzer Road Wheels - inner face

I have another question regarding the Hetzer road wheels. I've looked through the information( including Spielberger's light JagdPanzers book) I have and I cannot find a solid reference to

- the outer diameter of the wheel
- the thickness of the wheel at any section along the rubber part or of the metal rim that contacts the
rubber tire.

From what I see the tire is quite thick. There isn't a great deal of space beteen the tire and track link guide horns.

I'm planning on heeat vulcanizing the rubber tires and I'll provide a brief explanation when it is
complete. I passed this technique on to a fellow on the east coast many years ago; he's the only other person I've known to have used it. I've made quite a number of Panther and PzKw III tires with the technique. It isn't very difficult but the mold preparation takes longer than the actual tire making process.
One is limited to the type of tire made only by their ability to make the proper mold.

Any info or leads to it would be most appreciated!