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Default RE: NEW DLE 20cc Gasser! (Data & Links 1st Post)

It came in a DLE30 box with no manual or special instructions. I'm using my regular mix of 87/89 octane pump gas and Stihl HP Ultra @ 32:1. The main bearings are both sealed and both ends of the rod are caged roller bearings but with revs this engine unloads to in flight I wouldn't want to run any less oil. Cylinder and piston are a scaled down version of the 30, carb and reed assembly appears to be the same as the 30, I didn't take the intake tract apart yet to verify that though, ignition has unique timing curve that allows it to idle real slow. The other modules work with it also but idle quality suffers.

It is a little loud for it's size, not as loud as a 30 on stock exhaust but.....power makes noise. I'm going to try my little 26cc canister on it later on but it might be a little much for a lot of 1.20 sized airframes to carry around.

My gut feeling is that it will be available before October but it will be more than $200, though it's less than 50% of a DLE55 in cubic capacity, the manufacturing cost is probably 70-75% of the bigger engine.