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engine problems

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Default engine problems

just broke-in my gst 7.7. used the heat cycle method. i am having a problem and any help would really be appreciated. when i start the engine (while its cool) everything works really well-idles well doesn't overheat and has lots of power. but when the engine gets up to operating temp (bout 230 degrees) it doesn't idle right. the car tries to edge forward and makes a weird noise. wats wrong? btw i already tried to richen the low speed mixture and loosening the idle screw. thanks in advance.
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Default RE: engine problems

You have to lean the engine now that you have it broke in. The factory sets the needles very rich for the break in procedure.

And when you say "Making a weird noise" Thats kinda like saying "My engine is running weird" Be more specific!!
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Default RE: engine problems

When you're setting the low speed, it should be able to idle relatively smooth. After you run the truck around and its warm, if you come to a stop, it just idle down nice, and you'll hear the motor get slightly richer, and the rpms will drop slightly. Then after a few seconds, when you accelerate, it should rev up freely and smoke as it does under load. If you accelerate from a stop and it revs quick and dies, without smoke, its too lean. if it smokes alot and is doggy, its too rich. it takes some playing around, but after the mixture is dialed in, you can adjust the idle screw to make it idle faster or slower, whatever you need. I would set it to the factory recommendations, and go from there. that'll give you a good baseline.
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Default RE: engine problems

what are factory settings again?

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