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New to FPV, Ned Some Guideance/ Help Please

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Default New to FPV, Ned Some Guideance/ Help Please

So, after a 2 year break from the RC Plane world I am back. I have about 10 years fling experience and recently(about 4 months ago) got back into flying. I enjoy the EPO/Parkflyer options nowadays as opposed to stick building and nitro like I used to do. They make it so dang easy, don't they? Anyway, I am super curious about the FPV/ Long range deal and am wanting to get my feet wet. Here is what I am looking for:

A platform and FPV system that I can fly around at a longer range. My parents have about 200 acres back home, and I am looking to be able to fly around the farm. Now, I would like to mention that I am not trying for crazy long distance as some people on here. I have seen people pushing for 100km and stuff, not really my bag. If I could have something that I could do aprox. 1-2 miles or so, Id be ecstatic.

I am considering the FX-79 Buffalo for a platform. I have been looking online for info, but the flood of different opinions and information is overwhelming. I have a fair amount of money to slap into this project, but I am not looking for a Global Hawk here, nor to push limits of FPV. Just a toy for around the farm. Any suggestions on setup and hardware would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.
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You have to maintain visual contact with your aircraft at all times or if you are using goggles, a spotter that has the ability to assume control does. FAA regulations require you to see and avoid all full scale aircraft. If you can't see your own aircraft how can you avoid something approaching you from the side or rear? Also, your transmitter and aircraft receiver will limit your distance to < one mile line of sight distance max. If something gets between you and the aircraft, that distance can be severely decreased. Also, a typical video transmitter, let alone one that would get your signal back to you at your proposed distance, requires licensing. Any of our typical VTxs need licensing to be legal. In spite of what is advertised, currently Amateur Radio licensing does not even allow what we typically use as FPV (e.g. No VTx Station ID, No one-way transmissions are allowed, etc. etc.) But there are a lot of folks out there doing it anyway in spite of the regulation violations and the resulting $10K+ typical fines for violating FCC Regulations.

Lots to think about. Most folks are NOT doing that thinking first. Eventually, there may be a full scale plane hit by one of these illegal long distance FPV aircraft and the regulators may shut us all totally down. Yes., ... there are a lot of folks operating outside the limits of their FCC Licensing. Eventually, the FCC with either get their regs caught up with the technology or they will start dishing out some enforcement. Bottom Line until then: What ever mode we are using, we have to see and avoid all full-scale aircraft. They have the right of way at all times! Stay indoors or stay low. Use minimum power necessary to communicate. Stay 5 miles away from Airports, unless you have the capability to integrate with full-scale traffic and the Airport tower knows of your presence.

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