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T14SG Flaparon Programming

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Default T14SG Flaparon Programming

Hello, I have been trying to set up Flaparons on a wing that has a servo on each wing for ailerons only.
I have been in the mix menu and the camber menu , however can not figure out how to get both ailerons to droop down.
They still go in opposite directions, I have them on a slider.

Thanks so much,

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Malcolm Holt has an excellent E-Book on Amazon on the 14SG which I strongly recommend it. The last few sentences of the section on the Camber menu will be very helpful.

In the meantime this may help as well:


With this wing configuration, or even one where you only have a two-aileron wing with no flaps, you can easily set it up so that you get down deflection on the ailerons when you activate flaps.

First, go into the Linkage Menu and then the Function option. Page through the options until you get to the "Camber" function. Activate it by putting it on a desired control. We like to use a slider. In our example, we're going to use LS. If you have a flap channel, set its control to "- -". That is, Null. We're going to have flaps work with the slider.

Now go into the Model Menu and activate the Camber Mix. Turn it on, but don't set it to a switch. The Camber mix will always be on in this example. On the right-hand side of the page, you'll see the options for "Camber AFR", and a box that says "Curve and Rate". In that box are "Aileron", "Flap", and "Elevator". You'll still use this section if you don't have separate flaps, but only ailerons.

The Camber AFR will already be set to 100%, so don't worry about it right now. Go into the Aileron section and press the S1 button to get to the second page. Here is where you set how much and in which direction each aileron will move when you move the slider to the full "Flaps Down" position. Move the slider to the full Flaps Down position and adjust the rates for the left and right ailerons to give you the amount of down deflection you desire. Move the slider to the full "Flaps Up" position and adjust the rates to the desired position. You'll usually leave that one at 0% because you want the ailerons centered when the slider is set to full "Flaps Up.

We can't tell you whether to adjust Rate 1 or Rate 2, because that will change with your particular setup. Just adjust one, and if it doesn't work right, adjust the other. Actually, it really doesn't matter in just this case because you can use a negative amount. However, if you are using other mixes, then you'll have to work with the rates and directions to get everything to "play nice" together.

If you don't have separate flaps, then you're done. If you do have separate flaps, then go in to Flap section that's in the Curve and Rate box and do the same thing to set them up.

To get elevator compensation when you deploy flaps, go into the Elevator part in the Curve and Rate Box.

With separate flaps in a two-flap (or more) wing, if you want them to operate with the ailerons, so that you have full-span ailerons, we need another step. Return to the main Model Menu and then select the "Ail->Camb.Flp" function. This is a mixer that makes the flaps work with the ailerons. Press S1 to go to the second page, turn it on, select a switch if you want to be able to turn it on and off, and then adjust the amount of aileron-type movement you want with each flap. Move the aileron stick fully to the right, and adjust the right deflection percentage to get the amount of movement you want. Move the aileron stick to full left and do the same.

In order for this to work, though, you must make sure the servo is in the center of its travel when you have the flaps in the retracted position. If the servo is at one end of its travel with neutral flaps, this won't work.

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Thank you Bill.


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