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nouvus 125 fp

Old 03-17-2011, 08:33 PM
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Default nouvus 125 fp

i want to know all of the positves and negitives you guys have had with this heli.
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Default RE: nouvus 125 fp

I've had one since January. I am a total helicopter novice. I have only flown helis on sims before this. I haven't changed any settings, it seems to work fine just the way it came out of the box. I first made the mistake of trying to fly it in my living room. Not good. The tail rotor caught on the carpet and stripped the front gear for the tail shaft. That was a bit of a hassle to change with my large hands and many SMALL screws and parts, but I got it done. I now fly it in the gym at school where I teach, and I love it. I hover it about eye level and though I am a total beginner I think it is great fun. It is getting pretty easy for me to keep it in an area about 6 feet on a side. I am constantly making little corrections, you can't lose focus for even a split second which is probably normal judging from my simulator experiences. Once when I glanced away for a second, and I lost it and it hit the bleachers. The only damgae was a main blade, which was inexpensive and easy to change. I haven't tried forward flight yet. I'm still getting comfortable hovering, but lovin' every minute of it. I have 3 batteries, and by the time I go through those I'm ready for a break. I fly it on a battery until it has trouble maintaing altitude. I don't have any other way to judge battery remaining. If any one has a better idea please let me know.
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Default RE: nouvus 125 fp

i've had one of these for three months, and have yet to get it to hover. IMHO it is definately NOT a beginner heli.
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Default RE: nouvus 125 fp

Having flown helis for years, I found it very nimble and very easy to over control so I would agree, its not really a beginner heli.
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Default RE: nouvus 125 fp

it is definatly not a bigginer heli, but if you want to move onto 3d, i defiantly recomend one of these micro heli's. You WILL crash.. but these tiny heli's are so light you usually dont break anything, and when you do, for example a blade, tail boom, or part of the head(which you can upgrade to aluminum for bout 20 bucks, then you wont break that) but those parts only gots a couple dollars.. blades are like 5 or 6.. where as on my 450 there like 20-30 bucks, or holy crap my 600, those blades are pushin 100 bucks! and i get the cheap ones.. and when you learn to fly it.. so much fun! i'd say get it! way worth it to me..
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Default RE: nouvus 125 fp

i was told that is is a good heli for someone transferring from a coaxial to a fp, i was told it had a duel rate function for beginners to slow down the response to make it easier to fly.

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