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New to heli

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Default New to heli

I never flew anything and was wondering about the axe cp , the hobby shop shop said it was the best for the bucks , due to it having the trainer mode , what do you guys think?
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Default RE: New to heli

The Blade CP is also an option, but I'll let someone who has it speak on that one. I have the Axe CP (my first and only chopper) and it's working out great so far. The three biggest complaints for the Axe are that the stock batteries are terrible, that replacement parts are to come by, and that they're also expensive. Since I live 15 minutes away from a hobby shop that stock parts I can only really agree with two of the complaints.

Although the stock batteries aren't very good, they're well-suited for learning how to hover. Expect to just making it off the ground and landing a lot. In this learning period, batteries can last up to 20 minutes. But as you improve, to the point where you're comfortable with the hover, the NiMH batteries can used continuously really only for 4 or 5 minutes.

Parts are comparatively expensive for the Axe. Tail blades for the Blade CP, for example, cost half (maybe a fourth) those for the Axe CP. There's nothing special about them - they're entirely compitabile and those who have used them say they're exactly the same. [link=]This thread[/link] discusses alternate parts for the Axe.

Oh yeah, the trainer mode on the transmitter is only good if you have an instructor to hook up a cable to it. You can also use that cable port to hook it up to your computer if you want to use an R/C simulator as well. You should check out [link=]this slightly heated thread[/link] on different approaches to learning. There are a lot of good points in there to be considered. Have fun!

EDIT: I forgot to mention other options as well. There is a Sabre RTF that has fixed pitch (the Blade and Axe mentioned here have CP, collective pitch) and I hear it's a bit easier to fly since that is one less feature you have to think about. There's also coaxial choppers (no tail rotor and 2 counter-rotating blades) to consider as well. Check out the second forum thread posted for that debate too.
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Default RE: New to heli

I'm not too sure how much value there is to the 'training mode', at least on the AXE CP. 1) the 'heli tech' guy at the GreatPlanes/Heli-Max/ElectriFly customer service/tech help e-mail desk (Rich, I thing) wasn't real helpfull and did ot seem to know what I was talking about when I asked him some questions about it and the transmitter (maybe they think it is a secret and did not want to divulge any information....) 2) as I understand it, you hook up someone else's transmitter to the Axe CP via this port and flip the train switch up to let them fly, and when you see them get into trouble, you release the switch to take over and recover, makes you the teacher. 3) I question this value because the few instructors which I have talked to start you out on their bird with a buddy box (I assume so they are comfortable taking over).

Most people who have Blade CP's swear by them and wouldn't say they would fly anything else, for a while. Pretty much same goes for Axe CP owners. Axe prices are higher on most parts, but it isn't that bad, and as mcflurry said, there are alternatives.

That said, I started off looking at Walkeras, was admonished as to how that was the worst mistake that I could ever make. Found a guy who has one, hates it. You need to know how to do a mechanical setup on the links, nothing is set right from the factory and if you don't understand helicopter controll surfaces, you are without hope. The electronice are supposed to be worse than what comes out of a goose. In all fairness, they say that they have revamped thier electronics, but they do offer some of the CHEAPEST rtf's with options like metal parts. Key in on the word CHEAPEST.

I got talked into an Axe, tried to fly it, learned to crash a lot. got scared, tried a sim, hated it (I'm an old codger and don't care much for video games, just couldn't wrap myself around the sim), bought a used Blade, already setup, flys like a dream, steady as you can get, I smashed it up worse every time I had an 'unplanned landing' or rendevous with another object. The same events with the Axe never took out anything worse than the blades or blade grips. The Blade is a useless pile of bent and broken parts, the Axe is still taking abuse. Give me an AXE anytime.

That's just my opinion. what is working for me is the Axe. I've put in a Heading Hold gyro (a MUST for the tangle thumb impaired like me) and plan to replace the rest of the 3-in-1 borad with a stand alone ECS/BEC for the main motor (sounds sexy huh? you'll learn what that really means, the more you study up on electric helis). Again, thats just me. The next guy you talk to may bend your ear about how the Blade is the most wonderful thing on earth. You might even find someone who will say Walkera is the way to go.

As for the fixed pitch and coax. I couldn't fly a FP either, so went with a real helicopter (Collective Pitch). I can at least hover now. Coax is just as much a helicopter as a CP, no matter what anybody else says (again, just my opinion). Some different principles of flight physics, but still a heli. It will help you learn 'nose-in' versus 'tail-in' and what goes up must come down, and how to makit come down survivably. IT WILL NOT HELP YOU LEARN HOW TO FLY A COLLECTIVE PITCH BIRD RIGHT OUT OF THE BOX. You'll have to learn the differences and how to compensate for them. You Will eventually want to go CP, We have you now and you cannot escape.

Get a bird and jump in. You will love it.
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Default RE: New to heli

AXE is my first rotary wing toy. Use the simulator and you will save yourself all kinds of suffering (monetary suffering especially). I use G3.5- it has the AXE CP model on the .5 upgrade. It flys similarly- its a simulator. Close enough to keep you from dodging rotor blades and emptying your pockets every time you charge it, anyway.

The coax birds are fun for about 10 minutes and then you realize that they are quite limited. They will hover hands off from the box- what fun is that?

I researched the forums for months before the purchase, and the Blade and the AXE CP have the best rep for low-end birds. I tried to fly a Blade on a sim and it made me crazy. The AXE on a sim was reasonable. That may be a stupid way to decide which bird to buy, but you gotta have something, and that was good enough for me- a tool to learn with (the sim), and an inexpensive bird for practical application.

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